Web and mobile friendly software - leadtrack

Web and mobile friendly software in the cloud or on your server with pricing to match your needs.

While the majority of our clients prefer cloud based applications, we realize that corporate security or compliance may require your business applications to be installed on your servers, behind your firewall. LEADTRACK Software can do this too and is sold as a monthly subscription or outright purchase. Most cloud based apps are priced per user. Whether the user has a need to log in once a month or once an hour, you are billed for each user, every month. We know that billing per user doesn’t meet every company’s needs and having the same price for every type of user doesn’t make sense either. While sales people need daily access to a CRM or sales lead management tool, other departments may only need to log in occasionally. Indirect channel partners may only need to update a few leads per month. That is why we have different user fees for different types of users.