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LEADTRACK Best Sales Lead Management Software of 2019

Software Solutions

Turn to LEADTRACK™ when you need software solutions in the US. We have the best sales lead management software of 2019 in the US for smooth sales lead tracking & management. The software automates your sales lead management through automatic reminders to update open leads and automatic distribution of performance reports. You can deploy the LEADTRACK™ sales lead management software as a client-server application, or as a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management program. Our sales lead management software is mobile friendly with easy access from any browser. The software is installed on your server or ours and is scalable from a single user to hundreds. Regardless of the option you choose, the LEADTRACK™ sales lead tracking application provides the highest level of security possible.

Over the past four decades, LEADTRACK™ has been the leader in providing sales lead management, CRM and sales lead tracking software. During this time we have made significant changes in the design of our application to include functionality that our customers told us they needed to meet their fast-changing business environment. Unlike our competitors, we give you the choice to use your sales lead tracking and customer relationship management software application in a client-server environment; in the cloud; as a mobile application for remote users, or all three depending upon your needs.

Sales lead management and Customer Relationship Management is not difficult but does require organization and discipline. With LEADTRACK™ sales lead management software we give you the tools to organize leads in a central, secure and easily accessed lead management database while providing your reps with a “no brainer” method to update leads. LEADTRACK™ sales lead tracking application sets the tone of discipline with automatic reminders to update open leads and through the automatic distribution of performance reports.

LEADTRACK™ on Demand describes the ease of access to your sales lead tracking and sales lead management database. With a simple user name and password login, our application can be accessed from any browser in the cloud on-demand. Unlike other solutions, we can create the cloud in our central secure servers or behind your firewall on your servers. The system allows downloading of leads, modifying lead detail, changing lead status, running reports, and synchronizing with any mail program including Outlook and Zimbra.

With LEADTRACK™ on Demand, your secure, centralized, web-based sales lead management software becomes your company’s invaluable knowledgebase. Integration with your other business systems is also easily done and usually with no additional cost to you. We speed leads directly to the dashboard of your sales channel partners and provide you with reports, custom-built for you, with critical data to help your management team measure the effectiveness of your lead tracking, lead management and CRM programs in real-time. Contact us today for more information.



Remote Access

Employees can work from anywhere and be in sync with all of your company systems because LEADTRACK™ easily interfaces with any server or cloud-based application. Simplicity – No login and no training required for remote users, sales reps, partners or distributors to update leads. Remote users do not require setup or configuration on their PC, Mac, iPad or Mobile device with access to records through email links or by way of login to our cloud-based CRM application software.


Your valuable data is housed either within your corporate firewall or on our Amazon™ Web Services servers so no worries about exposing your valuable data to intruders. All data is accessed in the cloud but is housed within your firewall or on our servers. Your data is as secure as your corporate security policies and no one can access your data without your knowledge.

Easy Updates

Update records from any browser or mobile device. is as either logging into our CRM software or clicking on a link in an email. All data is accessed in the cloud but is housed behind your firewall. Access to this information is not possible without your knowledge.

Web forms or other leads sources are automatically posted to the system to make sure leads are responded to instantly


Leads are automatically assigned based on your criteria (sales territory hierarchy; geography (State, Zip, County or Country); product interest; round-robin or specific account classification.


One of the biggest flaws in any lead tracking database is the duplication of records causing your prospects and clients to receive multiple direct mail and email communications making your company look like you don’t know what you are doing. With LEADTRACK™ application software, you set the parameters so that the system automatically identifies duplicate records. We work with you to create the logic for disposition of duplicate records.


You have the billing option to either have NO RECURRING USER SUBSCRIPTION FEES or to subscribe to our industry-low monthly user fees. Unlike other Customer Relationship Management vendors, we give you a choice.

Custom design for proprietary client requirements

Many of our clients purchase our core software and then provide specifications to our developers to program-specific proprietary workflows and processes unique to their business. We respect our client’s intellectual property and have very long relationships with a number of companies that use LEADTRACK™ as their primary application software development team.