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About us

Our Story

The LEADTRACK Software heritage began in 1934 as an advertising agency in Detroit. Over the years, the company developed a prestigious client portfolio of national and international companies. In 1979, with the advancement of desk top computing the company redirected its focus from creating the ads to measuring the effectiveness of the advertising through development and deployment of sales lead tracking software. Over time our client server sales lead management software evolved into a robust, cloud based, mobile friendly application. With urging from our loyal client base we now develop custom software and provide IT services unrelated to our core application. The testimonials below exemplify how our custom software development team and US based support has helped companies in diverse industries improve their processes and bottom line.

LEADTRACK is a family owned company with all employees sharing in the success of the business. We know from decades of experience developing and deploying software solutions that we are successful only if our clients are successful. We understand that if a client has a support issue it needs to be addressed immediately. Not through an off shore call center or chat line but through a conversation with a live US based technician. And if you request a custom enhancement, you need to know the exact cost and timeline to get it done. We deliver on this commitment every day knowing that your success equates to success for LEADTRACK and its employees.

Outcomes rather than features

Unlike the mammoth CRM applications, we build every solution to exactly meet your needs, rather than charging you to learn how to fit your processes into our design, we design to meet your work flow and processes. You get what you need, nothing more and nothing less. – Go to any sales lead management or CRM application web site and you will see list after list of features. Some you will understand but many you won’t and you may need a software developer to explain what the terms even mean. Not with LEADTRACK. We commit to every client that we will either solve your problems with our software solutions or recommend someone that can. In the arena of sales lead management and CRM we know and have solved many of the common issues but have found that a solution for one company may not be the best solution for another. Our goal is to delivery outcomes that exceed your expectations. Rather than throw acronyms and buzz words at you, we deliver solutions.




All of our client relationships start with listening to the prospect to understand what they need, not with pitching what we can do for them. By listening we can quickly determine if we are a good fit for their situation and goals. If not, we’ll recommend they look elsewhere. We may even refer them to someone else to address their situation.



If after listening and determining we are a fit, we will have an in depth discussion with your team and one of our software developers. Here we will clearly define your goals or outcomes you want to achieve. We may also show you examples of how we addressed a similar issue for another client to give you an idea of what we can do. After the call we will submit a detailed cost quotation so you can decide if you want to proceed. Unless specifications change, the quoted price will not change. We’ll also provide a target completion date. This date rarely changes unless specifications change or uncontrollable events on either side occur.


Design and Build

During this phase we will write the code, create the user interface and build the work flows to match your business process. This is an iterative phase where we will ask you for your opinion throughout the development process.



The next step is to actually deploy the application. Whether installed on your servers or in the cloud on our servers the installation and training will be done remotely through web interfaces. For many software developers the launch is the last step of the process, but not for LEADTRACK.



No application is exactly right at the launch date. We know that we may miss the mark or after you begin using the actual application you may decide to modify from what we originally specified. We normally make these minor changes at no cost because we know when you have the full application in your hands you may decide you want something a little different than the original design.



We are a US based company and while we have a fantastic development partner in India, the majority of the design and build is done in Cincinnati, OH. When you have a question or problem you will contact us in our Midwest office and we’ll respond immediately.



Our software engineers will design the application and subcomponents to ensure we deliver everything you need. As new applications, platforms, plugins and technologies emerge, we evaluate them and include them in our applications if they make sense for our customers. Our team is highly skilled and easy to talk to about your specific needs. Our customers trust us and frequently ask us to help them solve other business problems by designing software to address those issues as well.


Just because some SFA and CRM solutions are expensive doesn’t mean they are better. There are many companies offering online sales force lead management software. Some charge as much as $250 per month per user. Our largest competitor offers its most popular product for $125 per month per user. With the same functionality LEADTRACK on Demand costs less than half of the competition.